A walk on the Moor

I was having a walk over the Tullibardine moor and noticed there was still a lot of Cow Berries for the picking. These are the red ones.  The picture was taking earlier on in the year, but only cow berries left. The are no way near as good as blaeberries but edible none the less.


Well its time to start Blogging

I have a plan to draw people into the outdoors.  It a fairly loose plan so bear with me.  Anyway just to give you a we bit of a taste.

The Birch Tree is a beautiful tree and it grows fast.  A friend of mine has two very grand specimens in his garden and was intent in chopping them down to create more light, provide fuel for a stove and to eliminate the chance of it falling on the house.

I did point out that it plays host to at least 334 insects second only to the Oak tree.  This fact alone is enough to seriously consider keeping and even planting more birches .   I say cut them back and do nature a favor. Stop deforestation in our back yards.