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   Fly Fishing Lessons


Duration - Sessions last approximately 2.5 hr. 

Suitable for - We can take groups up to 12. No previous experience is neccessary.  Suitabliity for kids is a bit variable but as a guide  about 12 yrs old is a good starting age.

Equipment - All supplied

The Ponds - We have our very own ponds stocked with rainbow trout from a local hatchery.

The Session (We usually run lessons from middle March till October)

  • Introduce the water and the fish

  • A little about the rods ,reels and line

  • Fly Casting instruction

  • We will also video your casting to improve feedback

  • Coffee/Tea break with biscuits.

  • All about the Flies

  • Tackle up and get Fishing

  • General Hints and Tips whilst you are fishing

  • If a fish is caught we can gut your fish for you to

  • take away



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